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Behold the glory! (Via Caitlyn Wilson, Unsplash)

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“I’m ready to make a decision about whose work fits the Walmart-without-a-Southern-accent vibe we aim for at Target.”

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Murder, turbulence, and Cinnabon collide in the best mystery thriller of the year

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Part 1: Coming up all Aces

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514 members & 4,000,000 posts per day

(Image/ Delaney Dawson)

When it comes to appropriating parts of other peoples’ lives, Poshmark shoppers want it all.

The girl who bought my dairy allergy. (Image/Caleb Morris)

Program: The Candy Man Can, Status: Failed

By: Christian Wiediger

Tim Gouw (@punttim)

Anthony DeThomas

owner of one suit | breakfast sandwich authority | napkin writer-on-er | low-key bragger about suit ownership

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